Depressive disorders in pregnancy – a challenge requiring multidisciplinary approach

Abstract: Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most special moments of a woman’s life. Soon-to-be mothers are expected to be awaiting their baby’s arrival with excitement and jubilance. But sometimes, due to depressive disorders (DD), the course of the pregnancy may not meet the blissful expectations. DD might impact fetal development and have consequences reaching far after pregnancy and delivery. Untreated DD may be the cause of premature delivery, low birth weight, gestational hypertension or even perinatal death and may also affect child’s physical and emotional development. But unfortunately, drugs used in pharmacological treatment of DD are also considered as potentially harmful for the child, causing pregnancy and delivery complications such as poor neonatal adaptation syndrome and respiratory distress in newborns. Finding the “gold standard” in treatment of DD in pregnant patients should become one of the main goals both for gynecologist and psychiatrist and doctors of both these specialties should work together to destigmatize mental health problems of expecting mothers.

Aleksandra Helena Symonides, Paulina Pietrzak, Joanna Kacperczyk-Bartnik, Pawel Bartnik, Agnieszka Dobrowolska-Redo, Ewa Romejko-

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