Determinants of willingness to increase the consumption of products being a source of dietary fiber among men 40 years and more

Abstract: Research on the change in eating behavior and its determinants is important from the perspective of improving the health of Polish population. Still little is known about the men’s eating behaviors, their readiness to change them and the factors conditioning the change. The aim of the study was to get to know the factors that determine the willingness of men aged 40 and above to increase the intake of products that are a source of dietary fiber and learn about barriers to this change. The survey was conducted among 150 men aged 40 and above. The questionnaire was used in the study. Read full text »

Relationship between functional laterality and electromyographic muscle activity – a pilot study

Abstract: Human brain consists of two hemispheres which are a harmonized centre of the nervous system. Despite their integration there are some differences between their functioning in the area of motor activity, emotions, visual-spatial function, and speech. Functional asymmetry in the area of motor activity may have an influence on heavier functional burdening of dominant side, thus influencing distribution of muscular tension. The aim of the study was to determine connection of one- sided lateralization with a change in muscular activity of masticatory apparatus muscles and a group of flexors and extensors of an arm. Read full text »

Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of intravenous lidocaine for the management of acute postoperative pain – current state of knowledge

Abstract: The management of acute post-operative pain is an integral part of surgical procedures. Untreated pain leads to many complications. In anesthetic procedures, multilevel formation and processing of a pain stimulus requires multidirectional treatment. This concept of proceedings is called multimodal analgesia. On the one hand, it enables the effective pain control and on the other hand, minimizes the number of complications resulting from side effects of the drugs used. The basic group of drugs applied to fight acute post-operative pain are opioids, which are according to the concept of multimodal treatment supplemented with non-opioid analgesics, regional anesthesia or a group of drugs called adjuvants. Read full text »

Depressive disorders in pregnancy – a challenge requiring multidisciplinary approach

Abstract: Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most special moments of a woman’s life. Soon-to-be mothers are expected to be awaiting their baby’s arrival with excitement and jubilance. But sometimes, due to depressive disorders (DD), the course of the pregnancy may not meet the blissful expectations. DD might impact fetal development and have consequences reaching far after pregnancy and delivery. Untreated DD may be the cause of premature delivery, low birth weight, gestational hypertension or even perinatal death and may also affect child’s physical and emotional development. Read full text »

Multiple sclerosis in children – a current review

Abstract: Multiple sclerosis is a progressive, demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, characterised by the occurrence of multifocal and multiperiodic lesions in the brain and the spinal cord. The spectrum of symptoms may include disorders of: eye, sphincter’s control, motor coordination, exteroceptive sensation, paresis of the limbs and cognitive impairment. Children accounts for 2-4% of all MS patients. Boys are affected by the disease slightly more often (1:0.8 in relation to girls), however, in children above six years of age, this trend begins to reverse and in group above ten years of age, girls are affected more than twice as often as boys. Read full text »

Case report: Hemolytic uremic syndrome with multiple organ damage

Abstract: Typical HUS is one of the most common causes of the community acquired acute kidney failure in young children. It is characterized by the microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia and renal insufficiency. The most common etiological factor is STEC infection, which primary manifests with diarrhea. Life-threatening multiple organ damage (MOD) with central nervous systems (CNS) involvement develops in some cases, and then the treatment of monoclonal antibody might be considered. A previously healthy 2 years old girl was hospitalized in Children’s Clinical University Hospital with febrile temperature for 4 days, bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain and decreased diuresis followed by anuria. Read full text »

Antibiotic resistance – only the most adaptable to changes will survive

Abstract: Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem of the last decade. Excessive and incorrect use of antibiotics has led to a global public health crisis: the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains that hamper the proper treatment of bacterial infections. Alarm Pathogens are the most dangerous microorganisms which are resistant to all of the available antibacterial drugs. Read full text »

Advantages of fluorescence in situ hybridisation technique in urothelial carcinogenesis identification. Retrospective evaluation of 512 UroVysion test results

Abstract: There is a time point with cellular genome destabilisation, observed in the course of carcinogenesis process. Aneuploidies 3, 7 and 17, as well as the loss of 9p21 are among the most frequent events, observed in the course of genome destabilisation (included in the UroVysion Bladder Cancer Kit). During 5 years, we carried out 512 UroVysion tests; 68% of examined patients were referred for diagnostics of urinary bladder cancer, 8.4% for therapeutic effect follow up, 2% for dysuria, 2.7% for haematuria, 0.5% for chronic, recurrent cystitis, 1.4% for other indications and 13.1% for no precise indications. Read full text »