Pharyngeal Endoscopy - Tracheoesophageal Voice Upon Reading The Rainbow Passage

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13 years ago

Case description

In this video we can see the voice produced by tracheoesophageal prosthesis. After the larynx (voice box) removal due to the cancer recurrence the patient could not speak, so to enable it the procedure was performed. In the beginning the patient will have to breathe-in adequately and then he will have to close the opening of the trachea situated in the neck with the thumb just before he speaks. So that the air from the lungs and wind pipe is shunted into the voice prosthesis channel and then directed into the upper oesophagus. The vibrating pharyngoesophageal mucosal segment will produce the voice upon its approximation and finally it will escape through the pharyngeal opening. Currently the most common used voice prosthesis in practice are Blom-Singer, Provox, and VoiceMaster. [ Stars- pharyngeal constrictors, yellow circle- pharyngoesophageal segment, red hexagon- the actual vibrating mucosa which produces the voice]

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