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Repositioning A Dislocated IOL Via Pars...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes optic capture of a dislocated IOL. IOL subluxed into the vitreous through posterior capsule tear.

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Bubble Trouble In DALK

Mohd Shahbaaz

Video by Mohd Shahbaaz In this video we can see the big bubble makes DALK (Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty) easy but if the bubble leaks in ac it give immense pressure as we think it has rupture the...

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Eyelid Surgery - Dr. H. Aral - Targeted...

Video by: Dr H. Aral This video shows a new technique which enables the surgeon to excise the lash with its follicle to prevent regrowth in a single movement. The procedure does not need any preparation,...

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Eyelid surgery - Dr. H. Aral - Oculoplastics....

Video by: Dr H. Aral This video shows a new technique which enables the surgeon to excise the lash with its follicle to prevent regrowth in a single movement. The procedure does not need any preparation,...

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Fornix Reconstruction for Late Stage Chemical...

Videos edited by:
Scheffer C.G. Tseng, MD, PhD
Hosam Sheha, MD, PhD
Ahmad Kheirkhah, MD
Antonio Elizondo, MD
Victoria Casas, MD This video shows a fornix reconstruction procedure for a patient with severe...

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Video To Illustrate Eye Socket Reconstruction...

Video by Netcells. Operation was made by Prof. Paul Roux and the staff at the Pretoria Eye Institute. This video shows eye socket reconstruction.

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Socket Reconstruction With Mucous Membrane...

Video by Prof. Ibrar Hussain. In this video we can see socket reconstruction with mucous membrane graft which we can see step by step.

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Lens Exchange - Angle Supported to Iris...

Daljit Singh

Angle supported lens after intracapsular extraction is causing tenderness and loss of endothelial cells. Needs exchange. Iris claw lens is a far superior approach than the scleral fixated PCIOL. Surgery...

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Preventing Argentinian Flag- Intumescent...

Daljit Singh

The periphery of the cataract is under less pressure as it is flat. First make a small round capsulotomy in the periphery. Through this hole aspirate most of the cortical matter that is causing tension...

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Adherent Leucoma, Black Cataract, Iris Claw...

Daljit Singh

One eyed patient with an adherent leucoma and black cataract. Intracapsular extraction of the lens done followed by the fixation of an iris claw lens on the back of the iris. Surgery by Dr. Kiranjit Singh,...

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Buphthalmos, Microtrack filtration of Singh

Daljit Singh

Buphthalmos, operated with Fugo blade. 3 tracks made in no time, without any dissection and without burning and charring in the process of track formation.

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Black Crystalline Cataract

Daljit Singh

Black Crystalline Cataract

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IOL Scleral Fixation & Express

Rafael Castañeda Díez

Scleral IOL Fix and express shunt.

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Glaucoma Surgery

In this video we can see the one of common treatments for glaucoma: Trabeculectomy. Video by Graham A Lee, MD

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Causes And Symptoms Of Glaucoma

This video shows causes and symptoms of glaucoma. Video by College of Optometry, OptoMed

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Development of Glaucoma Animation, Open...

In this video we can know more about glaucoma which is a group of eye diseases in which the optic nerve is damaged leading to irreversible loss of vision. In most cases, this damage is due to an increased...

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How Does Glaucoma Develop?

This video shows us more informations how glaucoma develops. Glaucoma is called the silent thief of sight. It does not have symptoms during the early stages of the diseases and can make a patient blind...

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Argentina Flag Sign. Difficult Phacoemulsification

"A mature cataract and silicone filled vitreous cavity. Vitrectomy due to retinal detachment secondary to Herpes retinitis. Difficult phaco because outgoing rhexis in opposite directions. The Argentina...

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Bilateral Injection Of Lucentis In A ROP...

This video shows a bilateral injection of Lucentis to treat retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). „This newborn is born in 23rd week. It was submitted to us in 32 week for treatment of ROP in zone 1. The...

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Dermoid Medial Canthus - Bleeding Problem

Daljit Singh

Young child with a large dermoid cyst at the medical canthus. A vein was cut at the very beginning. The dermoid cyst could be successfully removed. However the bleeding was profuse when the artery forceps...

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Removing A 19cm Long Worm From Mans Eye

Loa loa filariasis (also known as loiasis, loaiasis, Calabar swellings, Fugitive swelling, Tropical swelling and African eyeworm) is a skin and eye disease caused by the nematode worm, loa loa. Humans...

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Enucleation. Evisceration. Secondary Implant....

Video showes surgical procedures: enucleation, evisceration, secondary implant, PEG implant.With an improved structure for vascularization and integration that is biocompatible, bioinert, nontoxic, and...

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Retina & Vitreous Anatomy

This viedo shows a lecture given in January 2014 to the ophthalmology residents on the topic of basic retinal anatomy. It is primarily derived from information published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology...

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How To Suture Efficiently In Ophthalmology?

This video demonstrates how to suture efficiently in ophthalmology. Key concepts to passing the needle: "Drive, Push and Grab (Pull)" 1. Drive needle into cornea 2. Push needle through cornea...

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Banana In The Eye

This video shows a lamellar crescent shaped corneal patch graft for a perforated peripheral corneal ulcer in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. Video by Surgeon: Avi Solomon, M.D.

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IOL Subluxation Repair

Rafael Castañeda Díez

In the bag IOL and CTR subluxation repair.

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Visual Fields in 5 min

This video shows how to examine patients the field of vision. Video by Fiona Carley

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Visual Acuity in 5 min

This video shows how to examine basic visual acuity and explain eye charts. Video by PhD Nick Smith

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How to Case Study: Occular Ultrasound Part...

This video shows exploration of ocular ultrasound further building on concepts introduced in module I.We can learn how to diagnose retinal pathology too. Video by Perera, MD

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How to Case Study: Ocular Ultrasound Part...

This video shows that the eye is the perfect organ for ultrasound examination and how we can use this technic. Many types of pathology can be correctly diagnosed by ocular sonography Video by Perera,...

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Retina: Imaging & Electrophysiology

This video shows a lecture given in January 2014 to the ophthalmology residents as an introduction to retinal imaging and electrophysiology. It is primarily derived from information published by the American...

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Singh's Muller Plication for Slight Ptosis....

Daljit Singh

Singh's Muller muscle plication for slight ptosis is the simplest and gentlest surgery of ptosis, which is done through the conjunctival fornix. No tissue is removed and tarsal plate is not involved in...

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Result of Orbital Approach for LPS Advancement

Daljit Singh

Severe ptosis in both eyes. Result of orbital approach for ptosis surgery in one eye.

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How to do Inferior Oblique Myomectomy

Daljit Singh

It is an easy procedure, if the steps are followed as explained.

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20 cm Long Worm In The Human Eye

This is the surgical removal of the longest Loa Loa worm (20 cm long). This film contained a describe about this case. Loa loa is commonly known as the "eye worm". Video by Ashley Thomas Jacob,...

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Strabismus Surgery: Medial Rectus Recession...

EyeLibrarian present. This video shows the Strabismus Surgery: Medial Rectus Recession - Limbal Approach .

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Human Eye Structure: Eye Anatomy Explained...

The human eye is an organ that reacts to light and has several purposes.The eye is a complex structure with layers, lens, muscles, receptors, that is surrounded by many bones. Watch various parts of our...

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Macular Translocation

This video shows a macular translocation secondary to AMD. Video by Ulrich Spandau MD, PhD.

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Excision of a Nodule on the Lid Margin

Nodule of 6 months duration, needs clean excision for biopsy. Also we need to make sure that no part of the nodule is left behind. The surgery is done with Fugo blade.

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XEN Implantation Technique

This video shows the AqueSys one-handed injector with the XEN45 implant. Video by Ike K. Ahmed, MD.

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Severe Ptosis- Singh Orbital Approach

Daljit Singh

Singh orbital approach for a case of severe ptosis. Explained in detail.

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XEN Glaucoma Implant

The XEN Glaucoma Implant (AqueSys Implant) was created by AqueSys. [...] The implant itself is made out of a soft, collagen-derived, gelatin that is known to be non-inflammatory. The goal of implantation...

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Microtrack Filtration - First Attempt at...

Daljit Singh

Considering that there are 70 to 80 million glaucoma patients in the world, there ought to be a simple procedure, that provides nothing more than a small drainage channel to control eye pressure. Attempt...

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Failed Microtrack - Management

Daljit Singh

Failure is common in glaucoma surgery, though it is much less with Microtrack filtration, if you go with my experience. Still every time you operate a glaucoma patient, make sure to preserve the tissues,...

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Severe Marcus Gunn Ptosis, Result of Singh...

Daljit Singh

A case of severe Marcus Gunn ptosis, operated and followed for 2 days. The film shows the result. The patient came from Mozambique, Africa.

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Microcorneal, Severe Ptosis, Poor Levator...

Daljit Singh

Highly effective, least traumatic technique for ptosis - Singh orbital approach for levator plication/advancement. In this case there is complete ptosis, with minimal function of levator. The patient...

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Intracapsular Aphake - Small Microtrack

Daljit Singh

Intracapsular aphake needs minimal track for filtration, so as not to attract vitreous into the track.

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Juvenile Glaucoma - Microtrack Filtration,...

Daljit Singh

Simplest way to tackle juvenile glaucoma, without destructive dissections and cautery etc. The lymphatics are saved, they are the drains for out-coming aqueous. One of the best ways to control worldwide...

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Microtrack Filtration - Bleeding After Iridectomy

Daljit Singh

Bleeding occurred during the course of Microtrack filtration for a case of absolute glaucoma painful blind eye. It was managed easily.

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Posterior Uveitis - Glaucoma - Microtrack...

Daljit Singh

A young patient of posterior uveitis, undergoing treatment with steroids in vitreous, has uncontrolled glaucoma. Microtrack filtration is done as minimally invasive surgery for glaucoma.

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