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Repositioning A Dislocated IOL Via Pars...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes optic capture of a dislocated IOL. IOL subluxed into the vitreous through posterior capsule tear.

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Excision of a Nodule on the Lid Margin

Daljit Singh

Nodule of 6 months duration, needs clean excision for biopsy. Also we need to make sure that no part of the nodule is left behind. The surgery is done with Fugo blade.

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XEN Implantation Technique

This video shows the AqueSys one-handed injector with the XEN45 implant. Video by Ike K. Ahmed, MD.

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Severe Ptosis- Singh Orbital Approach

Daljit Singh

Singh orbital approach for a case of severe ptosis. Explained in detail.

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XEN Glaucoma Implant

The XEN Glaucoma Implant (AqueSys Implant) was created by AqueSys. [...] The implant itself is made out of a soft, collagen-derived, gelatin that is known to be non-inflammatory. The goal of implantation...

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Microtrack Filtration - First Attempt at...

Daljit Singh

Considering that there are 70 to 80 million glaucoma patients in the world, there ought to be a simple procedure, that provides nothing more than a small drainage channel to control eye pressure. Attempt...

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Failed Microtrack - Management

Daljit Singh

Failure is common in glaucoma surgery, though it is much less with Microtrack filtration, if you go with my experience. Still every time you operate a glaucoma patient, make sure to preserve the tissues,...

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Severe Marcus Gunn Ptosis, Result of Singh...

Daljit Singh

A case of severe Marcus Gunn ptosis, operated and followed for 2 days. The film shows the result. The patient came from Mozambique, Africa.

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Microcorneal, Severe Ptosis, Poor Levator...

Daljit Singh

Highly effective, least traumatic technique for ptosis - Singh orbital approach for levator plication/advancement. In this case there is complete ptosis, with minimal function of levator. The patient...

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Intracapsular Aphake - Small Microtrack

Daljit Singh

Intracapsular aphake needs minimal track for filtration, so as not to attract vitreous into the track.

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Juvenile Glaucoma - Microtrack Filtration,...

Daljit Singh

Simplest way to tackle juvenile glaucoma, without destructive dissections and cautery etc. The lymphatics are saved, they are the drains for out-coming aqueous. One of the best ways to control worldwide...

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Microtrack Filtration - Bleeding After Iridectomy

Daljit Singh

Bleeding occurred during the course of Microtrack filtration for a case of absolute glaucoma painful blind eye. It was managed easily.

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Posterior Uveitis - Glaucoma - Microtrack...

Daljit Singh

A young patient of posterior uveitis, undergoing treatment with steroids in vitreous, has uncontrolled glaucoma. Microtrack filtration is done as minimally invasive surgery for glaucoma.

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Congenital Abnormality in Iris - Glaucoma...

Daljit Singh

Bilateral anterior segment abnormality, one eye blind, other eye has glaucoma. There is corectopia and pull on the iris at the opposite limbus as well as deficiency of iris tissue. No need to perform...

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Advanced Glaucoma a Variation of Filtration...

Daljit Singh

The surgery starts with a 1 mm corneal incision in the cornea, the incision is stained with trypan blue, which acts as a guide, for microtracks made with 200 micron Fugo blade tips. The rest is usual...

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Twice Failed Trabeculectomy - Microtrack...

Daljit Singh

The management was easy - just made a Microtrack with 200 micron Fugo blade tip, near the edge of failed TRAB.

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Coats Disease - Reverse Cyclodialysis Plus...

Daljit Singh

A 13 year old patient of Coats disease, who had vitreo-retinal surgery done, including a silicone band had uncontrolled glaucoma. The conjunctiva around limbus was scarred 369 degrees. Thus no near-limbus...

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Complicated Aphakic Glaucoma. Microtrack...

Daljit Singh

A case of complicated aphakic glaucoma with abnormal incision line at upper limbus, iris incarceration etc. 2 MTF tracks made at lower limbus with 200 micron tip of Fugo blade,

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MTF in Neovascular Glaucoma - Bleeding During...

Daljit Singh

PXIOL present. A case of neovascular glaucoma. Microtrack filtration 2 tracks with 200 micron Fugo blade tip. Oblique incision for entry in to the anterior chamber, 1.5 mm wide, through which iridectomy...

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Buphthalmos Surgery Complication - Management

Daljit Singh

A failed buphthalmos surgery case when re-operated had a vitreous prolapse. An alternate site was found at the opposite limbus to perform Microtrack filtration. Hopefully this shall work is all you can...

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VR Surgery Case, Microtrack Filtration

Daljit Singh

A diabetic VR surgery case, with a PCIOL, IOP 40 mm. There is scarring around the limbus. Luckily proximal to the iridectomy, the conjunctiva can be pushed sufficiently close to the limbus, so that a...

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Juvenile Glaucoma - Microtrack Filtration

Daljit Singh

Microtrack filtration with Fugo blade has simple philosophy: Make filtration tracks, open sluice gates (iridectomy) and let the fluid move in to channels (lymphatics). Most efficient and effective filtration...

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Double Dermolipoma of Conjunctiva - Aurgery...

Daljit Singh

A double dermolipoma of conjunctiva is removed in a bloodless manner with Fugo plasma blade.

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Spontaneous Maliganant Glaucoma During Phacotrabeculectomy

Rafael Castañeda Díez

 In this video you can see spontaneous maliganant glaucoma during phacotrabeculectomy.

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Large Macular Hole Surgery

This video shows a very effective technique in large full thickness macular holes cases. Video by Marcel Dominguez M.D.

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Optic Disc Pit Maculopathy

This video shows the successful surgical management of congenital optic disc pit (ODP) with associated maculopathy. Video by Marcel Dominguez M.D.

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Scleral Buckle with Pars Plana Vitrectomy...

This 50 year old man had 4 days of vision loss. He had a total retinal detachment with multiple retinal breaks and lattice degeneration. He is a -12.00 high myope with a dense cataract. The surgery shows...

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Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment with Macular...

This video is about Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment with Macular Pucker. Video by Jay G. Prensky, M.D.

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Argentina Flag Sign. Difficult Phacoemulsification

"A mature cataract and silicone filled vitreous cavity. Vitrectomy due to retinal detachment secondary to Herpes retinitis. Difficult phaco because outgoing rhexis in opposite directions. The Argentina...

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Vitrectomy for Macular Pucker

65 year old woman with 20/50 vision for about a year. Vision improved to 20/25 1 week after surgery. Video by Steven M. Cohen MD.

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Vitrectomy Lensectomy and ACIOL for Ectopia...

This 46 year old woman has had progressive vision loss from ectopia lentis which is more difficult to correct. Also, her other eye had surgery 5 years ago and she is having a lot of trouble with the...

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Fundoscopy in 5 min

Mrs Fiona Carley, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital delivering a beginners guide to performing fundoscopy.

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Naevus Over Canaliculus - Excision with...

Daljit Singh

A large naevus covering the punctum and the canaliculus is ablated with Fugo blade.

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What is OCT Scanning? (Optical Coherence...

A basic guide to OCT scanning. Author: Matheson Optometrists "In our practices we use OCT scanning technology to obtain more detailed information of the ocular structures than has been possible...

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Singh Recession of Inferior Rectus Using...

Daljit Singh

For managing severe hypotropia, one step is weakening of the inferior rectus muscle. My technique removes a block of the muscle, without completely detaching the muscle from the insertion. The surgery...

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Failed Traumatic Glaucoma Surgery - Resurgery

Daljit Singh

The field of glaucoma surgery is diverse and complicated. We do something to succeed, but many a times the success eludes us. Resurgery is easy if you have not done extensive dissections on the first...

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Dermoid Limbus Ablation with Fugo Blade

Daljit Singh

A large limbal dermoid is wiped off with Fugo blade, without burning, without charring. Postoperative reaction is nil with Fugo blade surgery.

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Surgery of Severe Ptosis, Singh Technique

Daljit Singh

A case of severe ptosis, operated by Singh orbital approach. The surgery is easy, no tissue is removed, only rearranged. There are minimal chances of lagophthalmos. Recovery is fast. The patient wants...

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Vascular Malformation Excision at the Kimbus

Daljit Singh

The red nodule on the limbus has grown during the past 3 years. The lesion is excised and sent for histopathology. Fugo blade is helpful in excision the nodule with minimal trauma to the tissues.

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Failed Trab, Managed with Microtrack Filtration

Daljit Singh

A failed case of TRAB managed simply by making a microtrack filtration with Fugo blade.

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Phacoemulsification View from Inside Anterior...

Rafael Castañeda Díez

 This is the case of phacoemulsification - view from inside anterior chamber.

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Important Modification for Singh's LPS Advancement...

Daljit Singh

I developed orbital approach for the LPS advancement in 2004. Since then the advanced levator has been fixed to the anterior surface of the tarsal plate. It meant making an opening through the Muller...

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Some Results of Singh's Orbital Approach...

Daljit Singh

A few examples, showing the utility of orbital approach of Singh for all grades of ptosis. The surgery is least traumatic, quick to perform and the postoperative recovery is fast. There is safety to the...

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Singh Orbital Approach for Ptosis Surgery....

Daljit Singh

Before surgery and 4 hours after surgery films.

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Cysticercus in Fornix, in a Child 7 y.o.

Daljit Singh

An inflamed cyst in the lower fornix, that was diagnosed clinically and confirmed with B scan, was removed easily along with the pus that surrounded it. A week later the patient was in perfect shape.

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Incision Construction For Phacoemulsification

Incision construction is critical to a successful phacoemulsification procedure. The incision needs to be accurately sized for the size of the phacoemulsification tip to be used. Today's microincision...

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Excision of a Large Conjunctival Naevus,...

Daljit Singh

The film shows the first two stages of excision of extensive conjunctival naevus. The final touch up shall be done on third surgery. Fugo blade is used to ablate the naevus in a bloodless manner.

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Failed Surgery, Inflammatory Glaucoma -...

Daljit Singh

Twice failed inflammatory glaucoma, this time 4 limbal tracks with Fugo blade, followed by placing kenacort 0.5 mg per ml in the anterior segment,

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Microtrack Failed After Cataract Surgery,...

Daljit Singh

A successful microtrack filtration failed after a manual cataract surgery. Not only it failed, it also led to formation of tenon cyst. This surgery shows how the tenon cyst was partially removed and...

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Singh's Muller Plication for Slight Ptosis

Daljit Singh

The lid is double everted and the tarsal plate is controlled. Three incisions are made in the fornix. The Muller muscle is caught at three points at the site of origin. The muscle is then folded/plicated...

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