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Repositioning A Dislocated IOL Via Pars...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes optic capture of a dislocated IOL. IOL subluxed into the vitreous through posterior capsule tear.

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Singh Recession of Inferior Rectus Using...

Daljit Singh

For managing severe hypotropia, one step is weakening of the inferior rectus muscle. My technique removes a block of the muscle, without completely detaching the muscle from the insertion. The surgery...

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Failed Traumatic Glaucoma Surgery - Resurgery

Daljit Singh

The field of glaucoma surgery is diverse and complicated. We do something to succeed, but many a times the success eludes us. Resurgery is easy if you have not done extensive dissections on the first...

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Dermoid Limbus Ablation with Fugo Blade

Daljit Singh

A large limbal dermoid is wiped off with Fugo blade, without burning, without charring. Postoperative reaction is nil with Fugo blade surgery.

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Surgery of Severe Ptosis, Singh Technique

Daljit Singh

A case of severe ptosis, operated by Singh orbital approach. The surgery is easy, no tissue is removed, only rearranged. There are minimal chances of lagophthalmos. Recovery is fast. The patient wants...

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Vascular Malformation Excision at the Kimbus

Daljit Singh

The red nodule on the limbus has grown during the past 3 years. The lesion is excised and sent for histopathology. Fugo blade is helpful in excision the nodule with minimal trauma to the tissues.

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Failed Trab, Managed with Microtrack Filtration

Daljit Singh

A failed case of TRAB managed simply by making a microtrack filtration with Fugo blade.

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Phacoemulsification View from Inside Anterior...

Rafael Castañeda Díez

 This is the case of phacoemulsification - view from inside anterior chamber.

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Important Modification for Singh's LPS Advancement...

Daljit Singh

I developed orbital approach for the LPS advancement in 2004. Since then the advanced levator has been fixed to the anterior surface of the tarsal plate. It meant making an opening through the Muller...

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Some Results of Singh's Orbital Approach...

Daljit Singh

A few examples, showing the utility of orbital approach of Singh for all grades of ptosis. The surgery is least traumatic, quick to perform and the postoperative recovery is fast. There is safety to the...

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Singh Orbital Approach for Ptosis Surgery....

Daljit Singh

Before surgery and 4 hours after surgery films.

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Cysticercus in Fornix, in a Child 7 y.o.

Daljit Singh

An inflamed cyst in the lower fornix, that was diagnosed clinically and confirmed with B scan, was removed easily along with the pus that surrounded it. A week later the patient was in perfect shape.

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Incision Construction For Phacoemulsification

Incision construction is critical to a successful phacoemulsification procedure. The incision needs to be accurately sized for the size of the phacoemulsification tip to be used. Today's microincision...

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Excision of a Large Conjunctival Naevus,...

Daljit Singh

The film shows the first two stages of excision of extensive conjunctival naevus. The final touch up shall be done on third surgery. Fugo blade is used to ablate the naevus in a bloodless manner.

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Failed Surgery, Inflammatory Glaucoma -...

Daljit Singh

Twice failed inflammatory glaucoma, this time 4 limbal tracks with Fugo blade, followed by placing kenacort 0.5 mg per ml in the anterior segment,

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Microtrack Failed After Cataract Surgery,...

Daljit Singh

A successful microtrack filtration failed after a manual cataract surgery. Not only it failed, it also led to formation of tenon cyst. This surgery shows how the tenon cyst was partially removed and...

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Singh's Muller Plication for Slight Ptosis

Daljit Singh

The lid is double everted and the tarsal plate is controlled. Three incisions are made in the fornix. The Muller muscle is caught at three points at the site of origin. The muscle is then folded/plicated...

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Drainage from Suprachoroidal Space in a...

Daljit Singh

This patient with perilimbal scarring 360 degrees, had underwent reverse cyclodialysis surgery, which failed. But the suprachodoid remained connected to the anterior chamber. This allowed us to safely...

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Opening a Blocked Canaliculus with Fugo...

Daljit Singh

The block is broken with Fugo blade. The moment it is activated it crosses the blocked segment. Probing is done after this step.

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Juvenile Glaucoma, Singh-Shah Microtrack...

Daljit Singh

35 years old patient, IOP is 40 mm in one eye, uncontrolled with medication. Microtrack filtration x 2 with a 200 mm Fugo blade tip, followed by peripheral iridectomy. The operation is simple, atraumatic...

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Bleb Leakage Repair. Could it be Done Better?

Daljit Singh

During a filtration surgery, the sleeve of 100 micron Fugo blade tip came off and stayed in the track line. Later the proximal tip of this compulsory seton eroded through the conjunctiva and caused leakage....

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Failed Anterior Filtration, VR Surgery Case...

Daljit Singh

All explanation is in the sound. The reverse cyclodialysis goes beyond the scarred area and involves over 1/6 of the limbus.

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Failed Anterior Filtration in a VR Surgery...

Daljit Singh

Perilimbal conjunctiva is scarred 360 degrees, anterior chamber filtration effort has failed. Reverse cyclodialysis is done towards the lower limbus, the uvea is detached beyond the scatted area. A 22...

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Oval Rhexis is Small Pupil

Kiranjit Singh

Oval rhexis helps in easy removal of cataract in the presence of small pupil without the use of iris hooks or dilators.

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Haemorrhagic Glaucoma, Reverse Cyclodialysis

Daljit Singh

History of injury, one month back, blood and a clot in the anterior chamber, IOP is 60 mm. No light perception, painful blind eye. Reverse cyclodialysis done on the medical side. One day later, he could...

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Bleeding During Reverse Cyclodialysis

Daljit Singh

Bleeding is a well know complication during cyclodialysis, whether eb externo or ab interno. This patient of buphthalmos, a failed case of glaucoma at the upper limbus (due to heavy scarring) was treated...

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Buphthalmos Failed Surgery - Reverse Cyclodialysis

Daljit Singh

Age 7 years, advanced glaucoma. Surgery at the upper limbus that included cutting tenon capsule, making a large anterior chamber opening and application of MMC. It failed within a month. IOP is 40. This...

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Dislocated Hard Cataract

Kiranjit Singh

Retro fixation of iris claw done after cataract extraction. Incision closed with steel sutures.

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Surgery in a Case of Duane Retraction Syndrome

Daljit Singh

The patient had left eye hypertropia, inability to adduct. Also on attempted dextroversion, the palpebral aperture narrowed, while on abduction, the aperture widened. Surgery of left superior rectus and...

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Secondary IOL in a Case of Complicated Aphakia

Kiranjit Singh

Small sized iris claw lens implanted in a complicated aphakia case. Incision given at 6 o clock position. Membranectomy and little bit of anterior vitrectomy also done.

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Microcornea Plus Black Cataract

Kiranjit Singh

Pt with a very small cornea with black cataract came for IOL implantation. I/C surgery was done and iris claw lens implanted at the back of the cornea. Incision was sealed with steel sutures.

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Pediatric Limbal Naevus

Daljit Singh

A large raised discoid naevus on the limbus in a 5 year old child is removed with the help of Fugo blade. There is no excessive cutting of the conjunctiva as the lesion is most likely benign. Histopathology...

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Hard Cataract

Kiranjit Singh

Total continuous capsulotomy done after phaco performed through oval rhexis

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Pupil Supported Lens Exchanged to Iris Claw...

Kiranjit Singh

A patient who had iris supported IOL 40 years back developed corneal decompensation. IOL was explanted and exchanged with iris claw to the back of iris . DSEK done after few days of lens exchange. Her...

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Fugo Blade Capsulorhexis

Kiranjit Singh

A different way of doing capsulorhexis is with the help of Fugo blade.

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Traumatic Posterior Capsule Rupture

Kiranjit Singh

If on slit lamp examination in such a case of traumatic cataract, the anterior capsule appears flat or concave, that is a sure shot sign of PC rupture. Dry aspiration is the trick. Oval rhexis helps in...

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Plasma Blade Capsulotomy in Subluxated Cataract

Kiranjit Singh

Well managed case but not a very well finished case for the only reason that Endo capsuler ring should have been implanted to stabilise the capsular bag

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Lens Implantation and DSEK in a Case of...

Kiranjit Singh

A patient with a previous history of PKP came to the hospital with aphakic bullous keratopathy for rePKP. We implanted an iris claw lens behind the iris and combined it with DSEK. The patient regained...

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Xfoliation and Iris Claw Lens

Kiranjit Singh

This patient had severe pseudoxfoliation. Somehow phaco emulsification was done but capsular bag was unfit for posterior chamber lens implantation. So pupil was constricted and a small sized iris claw...

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Iris Claw and DSEK

Kiranjit Singh

The offending lens was removed and exchanged with small sized iris claw lens as the capsular bag was compromised and not fit for posterior chamber lens implantaion.

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Lens Exchange

Kiranjit Singh

Malpositioned angle supported intraocular lens which was causing discomfort to the patient was removed and replaced with small sized iris claw lens. Inflammatory membrane cut with vitrector with little...

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Lens Implantation in Megalocornea

Kiranjit Singh

Subluxated cataract removed by dry aspiration and a small sized iris claw lens fixed to the front.

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PPC with Pre Existing Rent

Kiranjit Singh

A 45 year old pt of ppc with pre existing pc rupture. Condition handled very well with oval rhexis. IOL in the bag, no vitrectomy.

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Another Case of Traumatic Cataract with...

Kiranjit Singh

Flat anterior capsule indicator of pc rupture. Oval rhexis for ease of lens tapping out of lens matter with the help of viscoelastic. IOL in the sulcus and optic capture. A little bit of anterior vitrectomy...

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Posterior Polar in a Child

Kiranjit Singh

Big capsulotomy done with Fugo blade, soft lens matter tapped out using viscoelastic, posterior rhexis done, IOL in the bag and a little bit of anterior vitrectomy

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Secondary IOL in a case of PP Lensectomy

Kiranjit Singh

Pars plana vitrectomy and lensectomy done in a child of 6 years. The patient not comfortable with thick aphakic glasses. Small sized iris implanted on the anterior surface of iris.

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Iris Claw Implantation in Traumatic Aphakia

Kiranjit Singh

Posterior segment not fit for a posterior chamber intraocular lens. So small sized iris claw was chosen to be fixed on the anterior surface of iris. Anterior vitrectomy and membranectomy was done with...

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Lens Exchange

Kiranjit Singh

Malpositioned angle supported intraocular lens which was giving the patient discomfort was removed and replaced with small sized iris claw lens. Inflammatory membrane removed with vitrector plus anterior...

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Hydrodissection by Mistake in a Case of...

Kiranjit Singh

Witnessed posterior capsule rupture as a result of hydrodissection by mistake. Segments have already been emulsified. While doing anterior vitrectomy, a little bit of soft lens matter dropped in the...

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Traumatic Hard Cataract With Weak Zonules

Kiranjit Singh

Taking the help of iris hooks, anterior capsule staining dye and oval rhexis could finish the difficult case well. There was history of trauma many years back.

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