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Repositioning A Dislocated IOL Via Pars...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes optic capture of a dislocated IOL. IOL subluxed into the vitreous through posterior capsule tear.

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Oval rhexis in a case of posterior polar...

Kiranjit Singh

Oval rhexis reduces the risk of nucleus drop to zero. In the bag implantation of IOL possible  even in the presence of a PC tear.

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Lens implantation in ectopia lentis

Kiranjit Singh

Iris claw lens is the lens of choice when dealing with a case of ectopia lentis.

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Oval Rhexis

Kiranjit Singh

Oval rhexis enhances safety in posterior polar cataract.

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Transciliary Filtration in a Case of Neovascular...

Daljit Singh

50 year old highly diabetic patient with neovascularisation of the iris, dilated pupil. IOP is 45 mm. Visual field is much diminished.  Before surgery I demonstrate the conjunctival lymphatics close...

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Angle Recession Glaucoma with Traumatic...

Daljit Singh

A young male suffered blunt trauma, causing subluxation of the lens, traumatic mydriasis and uncontrolled IOP of 38 mm. Microtrack filtration, a single track of about 150 micron made with Fugo blade...

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Buphthalmos, Failed Surgery, 4th Operation

Daljit Singh

Management of buphthalmos is a great life long responsibility. When medication fails (it usually does) surgery has to be done. After every surgery, the surgeon has to ask himself - what shall I do if...

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Removal of a Compound Naevus of Conjunctiva

Daljit Singh

The compound naevus is removed with a 100 micron tip of Fugo blade. The limbal are is cleared with a 500 micron tip. The naked area gets healed naturally under a contact lens.The cut in the conjunctiva...

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PC IOL, Open Angle Glaucoma, Microtrack...

Daljit Singh

A one eyed patient with PCIOL, deep anterior chamber and IOP of 50 mm, operated by MTF, shown both in 3 D and 2 D video. The salient feature of surgery is that it is least traumatic in nature. It preserves...

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Management of Advanced Steroid Glaucoma...

Daljit Singh

Patient 17 years of age, with thick allergic masses at the limbus and IOP of 40 mm in both eyes, not responsive to medication. Bilateral Microtrack filtration surgery along with peripheral iridectomy...

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Surgery of Entropion-Trichiasis of the Upper...

Daljit Singh

Entropion-trichiasis of whole of the upper lid. Tarsal plate is cut full length in the subtarsal sulcus. The cut edges are undermined. A key pattern 5 zero absorbable suture is passed to complete the...

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Ablation of Conjunctival Naevus with Fugo...

Daljit Singh

It is a recurrent naevus, 4 years after the Fugo blade ablation of a much larger lesion. It appears benign. It is just cleaned away with Fugo blade. The tip is cleaned with cotton bud after short intervals....

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Entropion of Half of the Upper Lid Surgery...

Daljit Singh

The surgery is simple. The lid is everted over Desmarre lid retractor. The tarsal plate is incised full depth at subtarsal sulcus. The two sides are undermined. Absorbable suture is used for securing...

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Management of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction...

Daljit Singh

Retention of Meibomian secretions and increased pressure inside the ducts, as well as hardened plugs in the duct openings cause great discomfort to the patient. The tarsal plate is mostly the collection...

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Microtrack Filtration at the Lower Limbus,...

Daljit Singh

It was such a complicated case, with multiple failures with glaucoma surgery. The upper limbus was completely scarred. Doing surgery in scarred (no lymphatics) are is destined to fail. The lower limbus...

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Cataract and IOL, a book

Cataract and IOL, a book

Daljit Singh

Mainly on the iris claw (Artisan) lens, implantation in every kind of situation - primary, secondary, trauma, pediatric, phakic intraocular lens etc. Also chapters on Keratoprosthesis and steel sutures....

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Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery - Strategies for Success

Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery - Strategies...

Daljit Singh

This is a chapter from Intech book on Glaucoma.CIt is available free on the net. This article suggests various ideas that help simple cost effective and efficient approaches to glaucoma surgery. Simplicity...

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Comparing Radio Cautery with Fugo Plasma...

Daljit Singh

Fugo plasma blade is often quoted as a kind of electrolysis or radio cautery. This is not true. In this film we compare the cutting qualities of radio cautery and Fugo plasma blade. The difference is...

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Singh Technique of Lateral Rectus Plication,...

Daljit Singh

The basics of Singh technique are: Preservation of the edges of the muscle, so that there is no chance of misalignment ever. This is especially useful in cases of phorias. Second, no suture is passed...

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Accidental Entry of Blood in Conjunctival...

Daljit Singh

The beautiful pattern of conjunctival lymphatics got demonstrated, during the conduct of a surgery. A small injury to the blood vessels at the limbus started the filling up of the lymphatics, which in...

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Fugo Plasma Blade - Basics and Some Applications

Daljit Singh

Fugo plasma blade produces laser like plasma on the tip of a filament that has unique cutting properties that can revolutionise eye surgery in every speciality. This film shows the investigations of David...

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Huge Worm In Eye Doctor Skilfully Removes...

Video showes huge worm in eye. Doctor skilfully removes without cutting in half.

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Managing A Subluxated Sulcus IOL

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes managing a subluxated sulcus IOL. Video by Howard Gimbel, MD, MPH.

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Recession of Superior Rectus Using Fugo...

Daljit Singh

In this Singh recession, the muscle is not detached from its insertion. A block the muscle is removed without removing the muscle fibres at the edges. This weakens the muscle. The surgery is bloodless....

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Microtrack Filtration of Singh

Daljit Singh

Microtrack filtration is the simplest way to create a filtration track. It is suitable for a large number of glaucoma cases. Even though very simple looking, it needs accuracy and control to do.The technique...

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Latest Singh Orbital Route Plication of...

Daljit Singh

The difference from earlier technique is this: Earlier the LPS was sutured to the anterior surface of the tarsal plate. Now it is tied to the Muller muscle, 1-2 mm from the upper edge of the tarsal plate....

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Singh Muller Muscle Plication for Slight/Modest...

Daljit Singh

Slight/modest ptosis is the simplest thing to treat. There is no need for Fasanella type surgery that cuts many tissue, and also is time consuming. All one has to understand is that Muller muscle is nearly...

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Fluid Channels of Cornea and Conjunctiva

Fluid Channels of Cornea and Conjunctiva

Daljit Singh

I have been working on the fluid channels in the cornea and the conjunctiva since 1999. All the descriptions and the conclusions have been drawn from clinical observations. We shall see lymphatics if...

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Failed Recently Done Microtrack Filtration...

Daljit Singh

A case of micro-cornea, angle closure glaucoma, failed within 3 weeks of MTF surgery,due to tenon cyst formation.The conjunctiva was freely was managed thus: One additional MTF nearby directed...

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Microtrack Filtration in a Case of Traumatic...

Daljit Singh

A case of trauma accompanied by rupture of sphincter and dilatation of the pupil. There may be subluxation of the lens since the anterior chamber is deep. A 2 mm half thickness incision is made in the...

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Neuhann Anterior CCC Optic Capture for Posterior...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes Neuhann anterior CCC optic capture for posterior capsule tear. Video by Howard V. Gimbel MD, MPH, FRCSC

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Membrane Optic Capture For Sunset Syndrome

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes membrane optic capture for subluxated lens - sunset syndrome. Video by Howard Gimbel MD, MPH, FRCSC

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Double Optic Capture using a Purposeful...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes double optic capture using a purposeful PCCC in a pediatric patient with Down syndrome. Video by Howard Gimbel MD, MPH, FRCSC.

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CCC in a Patient with a Megalocornea

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes CCC in a patient with a megalocornea. Video by Howard Gimbel MD, MPH, FRCSC.

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Hydrodissection and Hydrodelineation in...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes hydrodissection and hydrodelineation in patient with megalocornea. Video by Howard Gimbel MD, MPH, FRCSC.

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PCCC for Fibrotic Plaque and Residual Silicone...

Howard V Gimbel

Vitrectomy for residual silicone oil removal and toric IOL placement. In part 1, a primary PCCC was fashioned for fibrotic plaque removal. Video by Howard V. Gimbel, MD, MPH, FRCSC.

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Dermoid Cyst Eyelid Surgery

I have removed an eyelid dermoid cyst via a lid crease incision. Care should be taken while removing dermoids to excise without rupturing it. Incomplete excisions can be associated with post-operative...

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Chalazion Operation

Chalazion Operation - Common Eye Surgeries by Dr. Samar K. Basak

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A step by step instructional video to demonstrate how to do an upper eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty. Video by Ric Caesar.

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Entropion Surgery. Quickert Procedure

Step by step description of how to repair an entropion with a modified Quickert procedure from oculoplastics. Video by Ric Caesar.

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Pterygium Excision And Conjunctival Autograft...

Primary pterygium excision, conjunctival autograft, and the use of fibrin glue. Video by WB Khor.

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Pterygium Excision And Conjunctival Autograft...

Excision of a primary pterygium, harvesting of a superior conjunctival autograft, and closure with 8/0 virgin silk. Video by WB Khor

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Narrow Angle Glaucoma


Narrow angle glaucoma. Aqueous circulation. Symptoms of angle closure attack. Gonioscopy. Iridotomy. Narrow open angle. C Blackwell,MD Ophthalmology

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Yag-laser Iridotomy in Angle Closure Glaucoma


Yag laser iridotomy performed by Dr. Rechichi MD, PhD in a hyperopic patient with shallow chamber and high risk of angle closure glaucoma.

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Glaucoma 2 Treatment


Treatment of glaucoma. Common glaucoma drops. Common side effects of eye drops. Laser treatment - laser trabeculoplasty (ALT, SLT). Glaucoma surgery - trabeculectomy. Ocular hypertension. C Blackwell,MD...

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Blunt Ocular Trauma, Pars Plana Anterior...

Rafael Castañeda Díez

These case shows ocular anterior reconstruction, in a patient with blunt ocular trauma.

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One Port Phacotrabeculectomy in Radial Keratotomy...

Rafael Castañeda Díez

This is a case in which both surgeries trabeculectomy and phacoemulsification are achieved in the same por in order to preserve the cornea of radial keratotomy patient with glaucoma.

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Follow up: Blunt Ocular Trauma, Phacotrabeculectomy...

Rafael Castañeda Díez

This picture demonstrates follow up: blunt ocular trauma, phacotrabeculectomy and iris repair.

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Choroidal Hemorrhage During Piggy Bag in...

Rafael Castañeda Díez

In this video you can see the case of choroidal hemorrhage during piggy bag in nanophthalmos.

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