MEDtube Science 2014 - Urinary tract infection in patients after renal transplantation: evaluation of risk factors

3 years ago

Case description

Background: Kidney transplantation is currently the best method of renal replacement therapy in patients with chronic renal failure. A common complication in renal transplantation patients is urinary tract infection (UTI). We assessed UTI risk factors in kidney recipients from deceased donors and its impact on graft function and survival.
Material and Methods: Retrospective analysis was applied to a group of 220 patients who underwent the transplant procedure in 2010 and 2011. Patients were divided into two groups: patients diagnosed with UTI in the first month post-transplant (n=55) and patients without UTI (n=165).
Results: Statistically significant risk factors for increased UTI included receiving a kidney from a donor with expanded criteria, lower flow in the fourth hour of mechanical perfusion (4 mismatches), operation time ( Conclusions: ECD donor, 4 and more mismatches in HLA compatibility, long surgery time and lack of IGF are the predicting pre-transplant factors of UTI. Analyzing known risk factors before transplantation, (with reference to factors possible to occur after Tx) could determine how UTI prophylaxis is to be administered.

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