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Birth Injuries - CRASH! Medical Review Series

Paul Bolin

The most common bitrh injuries are discussed in the movie.

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From The Minds Of Babes - New Frontiers...

Can you imagine that not that many years ago people actually thought that babies don`t feel pain ? I cannot! But that is true. This video presents new methods of studying neonatal pain experience. The...

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Initial Approach to the Neonate

Paul Bolin

First of many movies from CRASH! series by Paul Bolin. Extremely useful for medical students or young doctors preparing for exams or simply interested in pediatrics and neonatology. This video shows everything...

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Introduction to Newborn Jaundice - CRASH!...

Paul Bolin

This film shows another slideshow with comment by Paul Bolin. This time it`s about newborn jaundice. In the next two films more detailed description of indirect/direct hiperbilirubienemia.

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Newborn Exam - From Head to Toes

Very basic but yet very important. It takes just few minutes to properly exam newborn and helps exclude many congenital defects. Video shows full examination with detailed comment.

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Newborn Feeding - Crash! Medical Review...

Paul Bolin

The film shows the most important things about feeding term newborn.

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Newborn Gastrointestinal Disorders (Part...

Paul Bolin

The movie demonstrates the most common GI problems in babies first four weeks of life: esophageal atresia/TEF, duodenal atresia, intestinal atresia, hypertrophic pyloric stenosis,malrotation and volvulus.

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Newborn Gastrointestinal Disorders (Part...

Paul Bolin

The film shows description of the 2nd part of the most common newborn GI tract disorders: omphalocele, gastroschisis, CDH, meconium ileus, meconium plug syndrome.

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Newborn Gastrointestinal Disorders (Part...

Paul Bolin

The film shows the last part of newborn GI disorders talks by Paul Bolin. In this part: Hirschprung`s disease, NEC, imperforate anus.

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Newborn Indirect Hyperbilirubinemia - CRASH!...

Paul Bolin

The film shows the next part of slide show about hyperbilirubienamias in newborns. This time Paul Brolin talks about indirect hyperbilirubinemia.

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Newborn Screening - CRASH! Medical Review...

Paul Bolin

In the movie you can see the review of the most important newborn screening tests.

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Nursery Exam (Part 2) CRASH! Series

Paul Bolin

This video demonstrates second part of full nursery exam after birth.

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Nursery Exam (Part1) CRASH! Series

Paul Bolin

Another one from Neonate/Infant movies, By Paul Bolin. This video demonstrates first part of full nursery exam after birth.

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Transport Incubator

Transport Incubator

Grzegorz Cichowlas

A picture presenting a transport incubator. It is an apparatus for control of environment of a newborn: temperature, air humidity, oxygenation. It protects from external factors and provides easy access...

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