Internal medicine courses

Abdominal Examination

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This video shows how to perform properly the abdominal examination. Film by Geeky Medics.

Cardiorenal Syndrome - Classification, Mechanism,...

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Buy PDFs here: "Acute or chronic dysfunction of the heart can lead to acute or chronic dysfunction of the kidneys and vice versa acute or chronic dysfunction of the kidneys...

Acromegaly and Gigantism - Usmle Pathology Lecture

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Acromegaly and Gigantism pathology lecture for USMLE.

Hepatorenal Syndrome - Causes, Pathophysiology...

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Buy PDFs here: I design my own shirts please support :) "Hepatorenal syndrome is one of many potential causes of acute kidney injury in patients with acute or chronic liver...

Macrolides Detailed Pharmacology Animated - Mechanism...

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Macrolides are a class of antibiotics derived from Saccharopolyspora erythraea (originally called Streptomyces erythreus), a type of soil-borne bacteria. Macrolides inhibit protein synthesis in bacteria...

Urinary Tract Infection - Overview

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This video is an overview of urinary tract infections. Video by Armando Hasudungan.

Cardiomyopathy Overview - Types (Dilated, Hypertrophic,...

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Buy PDFs here: I design my own shirts please support :) "Cardiomyopathies are diseases of the heart muscle tissue. Cardiomyopathies represent a heterogeneous group of diseases...

Heart Murmurs

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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A lecture on the identification and characterization of heart murmurs. Changes for this revised version include: - Video recompiled in high definition and in wide screen format. - Narration rerecorded....

Normal RBC Physiology (Including Erythropoiesis)

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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An overview of the structure, function, formation/maturation (i.e. erythropoiesis), and removal of red blood cells, including the distinction between reticulocytes and mature erythrocytes. A related...

Raynaud's Phenomenon (Reduced Blood Flow) of...

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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This is a great demonstration as to what Raynaud's Phenomenon looks like. This reduction of blood flow to the tip of the finger causes pain, discomfort, loss of sensation, and possibly ulceration.