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Immediate Molar Implant

John Y. Kwan

When a molar is failing under certain circumstances an immediate implant is an option. This video features the Southern Implants MAX implant system.

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Implant Microsurgery: Immediate Implants...

John Y. Kwan

This patient had two teeth that needed to be removed. In this case we were able to replace them at the same appointment.

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Autogenous Tooth Transplantation

Autogenous tooth transplantation - treatment modality in periodontology. Video by periodontist Dr Olivier Carcuac.

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Sleep Apnea with Dr. Milligan and Dr. Parker

Mike Milligan

Dentist Bloomington IL 1404 Eastland Drive Suite 101, Bloomington, IL 61701 Call us on - (309) 663-4711 Eastland Dental Center Dr. Milligan from Eastland Dental Center has a discussion regarding Sleep...

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Immediate Implant Upper Lateral

John Y. Kwan

Dental implant placement right after tooth extraction is a predictable procedure and with a removable transitional appliance the soft tissue anatomy can be maintained in the smile zone.

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Implant Microsurgery: Replacing Broken Implant...

John Y. Kwan

Occasionally the screw that holds the crown to the dental implant breaks. These can be replaced with a simple procedure.

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Intentional Exposure AlloDerm Root Coverage...

John Y. Kwan

Dermal grafting for periodontal soft tissue surgeries generally require coverage of the material. In this case the graft was left exposed out of the soft tissue, but remained "covered" with...

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Treatment of the "Black Triangle"...

John Y. Kwan

Bioclear bonding is a cosmetic procedure that can treat gum recession in between teeth.

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Germectomy of inferior wisdom tooth with...

Maurizio Signorini

An alternative instrument for the extraction of wisdom teeth ...impressions, advantages and disadvantages. Video by dr Maurizio Signorini

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Replacement of a Dental Implant Healing...

John Y. Kwan

Once in a while during the transition from the implant placement to restoration a healing cap can come loose. This requires a surgery to clear the collapsed tissue to replace the healing cap. This simple...

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Piezosurgery - Distraction Ostegenesis (Molar)...

Ernst Fuchs-Schaller

Piezosurgery - distraction osteogenesis (molar) by dr Ernst Fuchs.

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Immediate Implant Provisional

John Y. Kwan

 In this video you can see Dr Kwan demonstrating immediate implant provisional microsurgery, non-restorable #9.

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C2-5 Allogenic Block Graft at Site of Tooth...

Edward Allen

Severe alveolar ridge defects at maxillary central and lateral incisor tooth sites are augmented with allogenic bone block grafts: - Incision design, flap reflection, and defect site preparation - Bone...

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C2-6 Allogenic Block and Particulate Bone...

Edward Allen

- Utilization of block vs. particulate graft material based on site presentation - Incision design, flap reflection and defect site preparation - Bone block hydration, shaping, and fixation - Bone block...

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Chin Block Graft Harvesting

This video shows the harvesting of a block graft from the symphysis area of the chin. There is quite a bit of cross talk during the surgery, because this was a C.E. course demo surgery with residents...

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Immediate Dental Implants - Papilla Reconstruction

Scott MacLean reconstructs a papilla between two implants by using stepped technique of immediate placement and temporization. By using a high torque implant Dr. MacLean is able to support the...

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Bone graft 21 from External Oblique Ridge...

Dermot McNulty

Autogenous Block Bone graft from External Oblique Ridge Video by Dermot McNulty

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C2-7 Lateral Ridge Augmentation with SonicWeld...

Edward Allen

Utilization of SonicWeld RX system of rigid resorbable fixation devices and membranes Incision design, flap reflection, tooth removal and defect site preparation Rigid resorbable membrane design...

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Periodontal Microsurgery: Extraction and...

John Y. Kwan

When a tooth is no longer restorable it can be replaced by a dental implant.

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Excisional Biopsy of the Lateral Border...

Anders Nattestad

This video presents a procedure of excisional biopsy of the lateral border of the tongue . A patient was 14 year-old-boy, who have experienced pain and swelling from a depression of the lateral border...

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Motorized Periotome For Atraumatic Extractions

Anders Nattestad

This video shows a procedure of tooth extraction with the use of motorized periotome (Powertome). Video thanks to Dr. Anders Nattestad, Professor, DDS, Ph.D., University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni...

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Follicular Cyst in Posterior Mandible around...

Anders Nattestad

This video illustrates the surgical approach to a follicular cyst. Video thanks to Dr. Anders Nattestad, Professor, DDS, Ph.D., University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

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Horizontal Impacted Third Molar Removal

Anders Nattestad

This video illustrates the surgical removal of a horizontally impacted third molar. Video by Anders Nattestad, Professor, DDS, Ph.D. at the University of The Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco....

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Surgical Removal of a Simple Bone Cyst from...

Anders Nattestad

This video illustrates the surgical approach to a simple bone cyst. Video thanks to Dr. Anders Nattestad, Professor, DDS, Ph.D., University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

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New Perioscopy System

John Y. Kwan

The Perioscopy System is a endoscopic way of treating periodontal disease. When the patient is anesthetized a small fiber optic camera is placed into the diseased gum pocket and while viewing the diseased...

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CBCT-Supernumerary Central Incisors

Using a CS9300 from Carestream we were able to evaluate two extra teeth that were keeping the central incisors from erupting. Besides the 3-D view, the 2-D views were helpful in determining that the impacted...

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Immediate Dental Implant Provisional

John Y. Kwan

There are times when an immediate implant replacement for a non-restorable tooth is indicated. There are also times when a provisional tooth can be fabricated at the same time. This video demonstrates...

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Odontogenic Mandibular Cyst

Massimo Mazza

In this video dr Massimo Mazza presents a case of odontogenic mandibular cyst and its treatment plan step by step. This case is shown from the patient medical history through X-ray and CBCT 3D reconstruction...

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Labial infiltration

Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

A demonstration of giving a labial infiltration. These can be given painlessly if plenty of topical anaesthetic is used, the bevel is placed against the mucosa, the patient is kept distracted (notice...

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ID Block

Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

In this video Dr Dominic Hurst shows the way of giving intraoral anesthesia. Video by the Institute of Dentistry at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

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Intrapapillary infiltration

Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

This is a demonstration of an intrapapillary infiltration. This is given after the labial infiltration as an alternative to a palatal infiltration and is usually much more comfortable. The idea is to...

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C1-3 AlloDerm Grafting of Mandibular Anterior...

Edward Allen

Mandibular anterior and right premolars with thin tissue and a pontic: - Site evaluation, root surface preparation, pouch formation under pontic - Management of thin tissue in mandibular anterior region...

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C1-7 AlloDerm Grafting Over Exposed Maxillary...

Edward Allen

AlloDerm grafting technique for treatment of recession involving an implant replacing a maxillary central incisor: - Significant implant exposure, absence of facial bone and attached gingiva, complicated...

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C2-1 Soft Tissue Ridge Augmentation with...

Edward Allen

Use of AlloDerm for soft tissue ridge augmentation and papilla augmentation in Class lll ridge defect in the maxillary anterior region: - Pre-operative considerations - Innovative minimally invasive...

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C2-4 Esthetic Crown Lengthening By Apically...

Edward Allen

The modifications in surgical technique required for the correction of a gummy smile and short clinical crowns in the presence of a narrow zone of attached gingiva: - Diagnostic criteria, surgical planning,...

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Implant Microsurgery: Failing Implant Site...

John Y. Kwan

Featuring: Global Microscope, Keystone Accell and Dynagraft D, LifeNet Mineralized Cortical Bone, Implant Direct Legacy System and Bone Profiler

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Immediate Dental Implant Upper Premolar...

Scott MacLean

This video presents immediate premolar extraction and implant placement. Video by Scott MacLean DMD.

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Removal of fractured tooth, bonding of provisional...

Dermot McNulty

Removal of post retained fractured lateral incisor with periotome. Subsequent curetting and sounding of socket with confirmation of loss of labial plate. Bonding of provisional rochette to seal socket...

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Removal of Odontoma

The surgical approach to removing an odontoma from the upper left side of the maxilla is illustrated in this video. An odontoma is a benign tumor originating from the dental tissues. They come in two...

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Surgical Removal of Mucocele from Lower...

In this video you can see surgical removal of mucocele from the lower lip. Video by Anders Nattestad at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco.

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Connective Tissue Graft

Edward Allen

Harvesting and use of palatal connective tissue in the maxillary canine area: - Site evaluation, root surface preparation, incision design - Connective tissue harvesting for minimal post-operative palatal...

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C2-3 Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Edward Allen

The video presents the proper surgical technique for the predictable long-term correction of a gummy smile and short clinical crowns in the maxillary arch. Diagnostic criteria and detailed surgical technique...

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Gingival Mask Prosthetic Artistic Solution...

John Y. Kwan

Periodontal regeneration of hard and soft tissues have come a long way but this simple prosthesis is a reasonable option for function and aesthetics.

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3Rd Molar Extractions - Maxillary Molar...

Ashley Mark

Here is a practical screencast of one way to evaluate teeth before extracting them. Simple hints, as passed along from one of our great mentors, Dr. Partridge.

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Implant Microsurgery: Replacing Retained...

John Y. Kwan

This patient had a deciduous molar that started to fail in his 50's. This was replaced by immediate placement of a dental implant.

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Periodontal Microsurgery: Immediate Maxillary...

John Y. Kwan

In some instances molars can be removed and immediately replaced with a dental implant.

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Ridge Augmentation With Mineross

Anthony J Reganato

This video presents Mineross Ridge Augmentation.

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Resilon Root Canal Filling

Resilon Root Canal Filling

samehelfeshawi abdelaty

A root canal filling for deciduous teeth.

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Socket Grafting 101 Part A

Anthony J Reganato

The Reganato Lecture Series" Clinical Presentation: Socket grafting 101; Full mucoperiosteal flap socket bone graft surgery, flapless surgery, minimally flapped surgery examples

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Implant Microsurgery: Maxillary Intralift

John Y. Kwan

When dental implants are placed in the posterior maxilla there are limitations in bone height that can be alleviated by techniques such as a crestal approach "lift" simultaneous to implant placement.

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