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Excision of Pelvic Lymph Nodes

Paul P.G

Excision of lymph nodes of the pelvis is presented on surgical video.

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Laparoscopic Removal of The Uterus

Paul P.G

This video shows the process of laparoscopic hysterectomy.

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Treatment for Ectopic Pregnancy - Salpingostomy...

Paul P.G

You will follow the stages of laparoscopic procedure of salpingostomy to remove ectopic pregnancy.

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Treatment for Dermoid Cyst - Cystectomy...

Paul P.G

You will be able to observe the stages of laparoscopic removal of dermoid cyst.

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Hysteroscopic Excision of Polyps

Paul P.G

Removal of endometrial polyp is performed by hysteroscopy.

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Hysteroscopic Excision of Endometrium

Paul P.G

Because of excessive uterine bleeding the endometrium is hysteroscopically removed.

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Placenta Previa Invading the Lower Uterine...

Mounir El-Hao

This video show the case of parous woman (three children delivered by cesarean section) with placenta previa invading the lower uterine segment. Medical history: severe antepartum haemorrhage at 34...

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Excision of Leiomyomas - 35 Years Old Virgin

Mounir El-Hao

It is a case of 35 years old virgin with symptoms of progressive abdominal enlargement, heaviness of the abdomen, high frequency of micturition and pelvic pain. Huge leiomyoma has been found, then treated...

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Excision of Leiomyomas - Separation From...

Mounir El-Hao

This video presents a procedure of myomectomy. tumor has been removed after a separation from endometrium.

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Excision of Leiomyomas

Mounir El-Hao

This video shows stages of procedure of myomectomy.

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