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Rectal Prolapse In Adult - Another Shot

Rectal Prolapse In Adult - Another Shot

Anil Khetarpal

This medical photo presents an adult patient with rectal prolapse. Rectal prolapse more often occurs in infants and children and then usually heals without surgery. Adult patients need surgical treatment.

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Enormous Sessile Adenoma Of The Rectum (1...

Gastroenterology Atlas

The primary clinical importance of colorectal adenomas is their well-recognized relationship to colorectal cancer. An abundance of scientific data indicate that almost all colorectal cancers arise...

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Massive Rectal Bleeding (11 of 11)

Massive Rectal Bleeding (11 of 11)

Gastroenterology Atlas

Colonic tuberculosis can present in several forms. The most common involvement is in the form of segmental ulcers and colitis, inflammatory strictures and hypertrophic lesions resembling polyps or...

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Rectal Discharge with Mucoid Secretion

Gastroenterology Atlas

This 47 year-old female, who has been suffering of rectal discharge with mucoid secretion.

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Cervix Carcinoma Infiltrating the Rectum

Gastroenterology Atlas

Invasive cervical cancer, The prognosis is based on the stage, size, and histologic grade of the primary tumor and the status of the lymph nodes. Assessment of the stage of disease is important in...

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Rectum - Giant Sessile Polyp - EMR - Clip...

Gottumukkala Raju

Large polyps used to be referred to surgery for removal. Now a days, these can be removed with colonoscopy because of advances in techniques. Whenever a large polyp removal is undertaken, one should remove...

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Pararectal tumor Excision - Laparoscopic...

Maher Hussein

This video presents laparoscopic excision of pararectal tumor.

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Hypertrophied Papillae of the Rectum

Gastroenterology Atlas

In addition to the hypertrofied papillae, some internal hemorrhoids are observed, through the image in retroflexed view.

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Trans Anal Endoscopic Operation for A Large...

Ahmed Shoukry Hafez

This is the first TEO procedure to be performed in Egypt. It was done on 25/09/2013, in Al Salam Oncology Center, Cairo. The patient is in his thirties, had previously colectomy and ileo rectal anastomosis....

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