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Invasive Aspergillosis of Skull Base

Royal Pearl Hospital

Dr Janakiram presents a case of invasive aspergillosis in immunocompetent 42 year old patient. This is a reoperation. Patient before resection of lesion presented diminishing vision, numbness in cheek...

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Balloon Sinuplasty of Maxillary Sinus

Brian Weeks

During this procedure surgeon is using a balloon catheter to dilatate blocked sinus passageways and facilitate drainage of the mucus that builds up in patients suffering from chronic sinusitis symptoms....

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Microflap Excision of Vocal Fold Polyp

This is a video of the microflap exicision of a vocal fold polyp. An incision is made over or abutting the lesion, which is then dissected from the vocal ligament and overlying mucosa. Video developed...

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Endoscopic Cricopharyngeal Myotomy

This is a demonstration of a minimally invasive endscopic cricopharyngeal myotomy Traditionally this procedure requires a neck incision. The endoscopic approach is highly specialized and performed only...

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Tracheal Endoscopy - state after surgery...

Gastroenterology Atlas

This endoscopy was through the mouth showing the post surgical status of the surgery of the larynx.

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Tracheal Endoscopy - introduction through...

Gastroenterology Atlas

This video clip shows the introduction of the endoscope through of the fistula to the main carina.

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Tracheal Endoscopy - view through the thin...

Gastroenterology Atlas

This endoscopy was performed with a thin endoscope 5.9 mm of diameter, the endoscope was advanced through the fistula showing the carina.

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Hemangioma of the Larynx

Gastroenterology Atlas

The diagnosis of hemangioma is established by clinical findings and history in most cases although ultrasound, computer tomography, and particularly magnetic resonance imaging may be helpful in certain...

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Nasopharynx (10 of 32) Retrograde Endoscopic...

Gastroenterology Atlas

Observed through trans-fistula-gastrostomy retrograde endoscopy. We passed it from the mouth right to the back of the nose. After observing the nasopharynx, the endoscope was passed through the mouth....

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