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Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy And Liver Metastases...

David Mintz

This video presents a chest and abdomen ct in a patient with cancer. Discussion of a patient with cancer and associated mediastinal lymphadenopathy, pretracheal, precarinal, right hillar and subcarinal...

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Polycystic Kidney Disease - Abdomen CT

David Mintz

This video presents the abdomen CT of a patient with a fairly typical appearance of polycystic kidney disease/ polycystic renal disease/ polycystic disease. It is an inherited disorder with predominantly...

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Hepatic Laceration And Adrenal Hemorrhage...

David Mintz

This video presents the abdomen CT of a patient that has experienced a blunt trauma with hepatic laceration and right adrenal hemorrhage. Video presented by David Mintz MD.

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A huge HCC

Ahmed Shoukry Hafez

A Huge hepato - cellular carcinoma resected by partial hepatectomy.

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Removal of a Very Unusual IVC tumor via...

Arie Blitz

The technique is described for removing an IVC tumor under circulatory arrest and antegrade cerebral perfusion.

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Advanced Hepatic Robotic Surgery

Clinical Robotic Surgery Association

 This video presents advanced hepatic robotic surgery.

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Double Left Supra Hepatic Vein View In Doppler...

USG Videos

The following material presents a suprahepatic venous system - most frequent anatomical variant.

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Polycystic Disease Of The Liver

Ultrasound images

The video shows PD of the liver in the unltasound technique.

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Metastasic Hepatical Tumor

Ultrasound images

The video clip shows metastatic hepatical tumor discovered thanks to ultrasound technique.

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