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Colposcopy - Cervicitis, Symptom 'Dew Drops'

Jarosław Maj

Pleural inflammation occurring after a certain time in the glandular epithelium. At 6 o'clock - mosaic.

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Chronic Pericarditis With Thickening Of...

echo cardiographie

Chronic pericarditis is inflammation that begins gradually, and results in fluid accumulation in the pericardial space or thickening of the pericardium.

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Endocarditis - Subacute Endocarditis

Washington Deceit

Please try to consider in which of the three heart walls (myo-, endo- or pericardium) is the primary inflammatory focus. Try to describe the inflammation pattern on your own. Is the area encircle? In...

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Heart Infammated by Rheumatic Fever

Washington Deceit

Which is the difference from healthy myocardium? Can you find the pattern of inflammation? Can you see giant cells? Can you find some granulomas? Who has given the name of these cells? Who was Karl Ludwig...

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Stomach - Erosion

Washington Deceit

Draw a line delineating the precise area of epithelial loss. Do you think the term erosion, in this case, can be, more or less, interchangeably, used with the term ulceration?

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Soft Tissue - Foreign Body Reaction

Washington Deceit

Foreign body tissue reactions almost always involve which types of cells? What is the derivation of these cells? Point arrows to a bunch of them. Do you think you can often see the actual foreign material...

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Duodenum - Chronic Peptic Ulcer - Penetrating

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate several processes which justify NOT calling this ulcer acute? Draw a line where the mucosa ends.

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Duodenum- Peptic Ulcer

Washington Deceit

What percentage of the normal thickness of this duodenal wall (4 layers) has been compromised by this ulcer, 10Andpercnt;, 50Andpercnt;, 90Andpercnt;? Draw a line showing the thinnest part. What do...

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Small Intestine- Crohn Disease

Washington Deceit

Which 4 layers of the GI wall are classically involved by Crohn (or more commonly Crohns or Crohn's) disease, one or most? What single small histopathologic structure is almost diagnostic of Crohn disease?...

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Skin - Ulcer - Amputation Stump

Washington Deceit

What is the definition of an ulcer anywhere in the body? Draw a line where the viable appearing epithelium ends and the inflammatory tissue starts.

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