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Pseudocyst In Pancreas, Endoscopic Ultrasound

Christos Karalis

Complication of the pancreatic cyst aspiration guided by endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) may be bacterial pollution of the fluid or abscess developement. Both systemic infusion of antibiotic like ciprofloxacin...

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Pseudoachalasia Dilation - Endoscopic Ultrasound...

Christos Karalis

Increased lower esophageal sphincter (LES) pressure is a nature of the achalasia - motor disorder of the esophagus. In that condition movement of the esophagus are practically absent, there is also no...

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Gallbladder Polyps In Endoscopic Ultrasound...

Christos Karalis

The following video shows gallbladder polyps in endoscopic ultrasound.

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Endoscopic Ultrasoud - Artefact, Reflex

Christos Karalis

Deflextion of the ultrasound wave within the intestine lumen on the air/water border phase may cause mirror image and other artifacts during endoscopic ultrasound examination.

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Cancer Of The Rectum In EUS, T3N0 Stage

Christos Karalis

Total wall invasion of the rectum (T3) and not involved nodes (N0) is shown on this endoscopic ultrasound of this patient. CT didn't noticed any metastatic lessions (M). A pre-operative chemotherapy is...

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Cancer Of The Rectum In EUS, T3N0 Stage

Christos Karalis

The following material shows the EUS examination of rectal cancer in T4N0 stage.

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Endoscopic Ultrasoud Of Anorectum

Christos Karalis

Endoscopic ultrasound of the anorectum is necessary when there clinicians suspect an anal or rectal pathology. No preparation or anaesthesia is required. The most impotrant indications for this examination...

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Precursors Lesions of Pancreatic Cancer: A Current Appraisal on Diagnosis

Precursors Lesions of Pancreatic Cancer:...

José Celso Ardengh

Abstract: The dramatic increase in the number of patients diagnosed with incidental pancreatic cysts through imaging methods provides a unique opportunity to detect and treat these precursor lesions of...

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Technical aspects of EUS-guided drainage...

José Celso Ardengh

This video shows us the technical aspects of a EUS-guided drainage of post-traumatic pancreatic pseudocyst. All steps are described. This is a patient who had cystic formation after subtotal pancreatectomy...

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Post-traumatic "cavernoma" of...

José Celso Ardengh

This is a rare benign tumor that can occur after abdominal trauma of the pancreas.

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