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Dental Crown Removal - "A" Point Improvisation

Ashley Mark

There are many toysto remove a crown - however - often, we have to section a crown in half, and then use something to "break the cement seal". Of course, we don't have anything that can apply any kind...

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Simple Method To Handle Implant Crowns

Ashley Mark

The lab techs hold many secrets - and this is one of them.

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Gold Adjustment - Really Abrasive Wheel

Ashley Mark

There are many ways to adjust gold contours - this is just another method that I recently learned to efficiently adjust a crown.

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Diamond Impregnated Rubber Disc

Ashley Mark

Diamond impregnated rubber disk to quickly initiate the polishing of a gold crown. There are many ways to polish gold - this is just another method that I recently learned to quickly polish gold crowns...

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Triple Tray Dual Arch Impression

Ashley Mark

Here is my dual arch impression back from the lab and an important learning point comes with it.

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Diamond Coated Dental Crown Holders

Ashley Mark

These are diamond coated dental crown holders to prevent your crown from flying across the operatory.

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Don'T Fracture That Temporary Crown!

Ashley Mark

Ok - You've got your definitive restoration. The case is closed. Don't fracture that provisional restoration - you may need it if the "real" one doesn't fit!

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Chairside Porcelain Crown Polishing

Ashley Mark

There are a million ways to polish porcelain. I'm using a heatless stone and Diasheen (polishing paste). I've contacted Axis dental, but they appear insensitive to the needs of dental students.

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Crown Tryin - Gingival Collapse - What Would...

Ashley Mark

This patient has a relatively thick biotype - or - well - would best be suited for a gingivectomy (maxillary anterior). After fiddling with his crown extraorally for a few minutes, his gingiva has collapsed...

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Crown And Bridge Lab - Ever Needed To Separate...

Ashley Mark

Here is a way that a Belgian lab tech taught me to separate dies that were really close - use the saw apically to coronally.

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