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Furuncle (Abscess)

Washington Deceit

What is the definition of a furuncle? Is it different from a carbuncle? Are these abscesses primarily involving the dermis or epidermis? Delineate some dermal abscesses.

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Arteriolosclerosis (Hypertension) And Hydropic...

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate tubules with hydropic change. What is hydropic change? Is hydropic change a NON-specific finding in many diseases?

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Acute Pancreatitis 2

Washington Deceit

What is the cause of the fat necrosis in the peripancreatic fat of this pancreas? Demonstrate it. Why is the term saponification often used with respect to acute pancreatitis? What is the typical profile...

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Conchal Cell Disease


This video presents conchal cell disease.

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Pleura - Adhesion

Washington Deceit

Can you separate visceral from parietal pleura in this section, even with a microscope? Can the terms adhesion and fibrosis, more or less, also be used interchangeably? Draw a line delineating the...

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Appendix- Acute Appendicitis- Self-Leraning...

Washington Deceit

Find some remnant mucosal glands. What is the definition of ulceration anywhere in the body? Demonstrate neutrophils (i.e., polys, or PMNs) in all four layers---mucosa, submucosa, muscular layer, serosa....

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Lung - Healed Granuloma

Washington Deceit

Why is this called healed? If this was active TB years ago, and it is now called healed, might you still expect to culture acid fast organisms from here? Can the terms fibrosis and scarring be used...

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Washington Deceit

What does the term caseation mean? Is it a gross or microscopic descriptive word? What percentage of this lymph node is occupied by granulomas? Why is it commonly said that the granulomas of sarcoid...

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Central Passive Congestion And Centrilobular...

Washington Deceit

Which part of the liver lobule becomes damaged first in oxygen/flow related injuries? (centrilobular or periportal) Which part of the liver lobule becomes damaged first in toxic related injuries? (centrilobular...

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Lymphocytic Infiltrate (Possible Tick Bite)

Washington Deceit

Are lymphocytic infiltrates in various parts of the skin specific for any disease or one of the most NON-specific findings in dermatopathology? If you saw tick body parts in this slide would be be able...

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