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Lumbar Spine - Typical MRI Interpretation

This video presents typical interpretation process of magnetic resonance imaging of lumbar spine.

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Brain Tumor - Meningioma - Homonymous Hemianopsia...

This video presents head MRI in a patient with brain tumor, probable meningioma. The tumor results in optic radiation compression and is responsible for patient's symptoms of homonymous hemianopsia.

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Hydrocephalus - Head MRI

This video presents head MRI in a patient with post operation complication with CSF flow obstruction and pre-hydrocephalus. Clinical information. 63 year old patient. Throbbing headache and neck pain....

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Bone Infection And Osteomyelitis In Diabetes...

This video presents the radiograph and MR imaging of foot in a diabetic patient with poor sugar control. Clinical information. 45-year-old diabetic patient in renal failure. Reportedly picking on plantar...

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Angiogram Of The Head - Time Resolved MRI

This video presents head time resolved MRI to demonstrate angiogram of the head, brain arteries and veins. Contrast enhanced MR angiogram images show the circle of Willis vessels and dural venous sinuses.

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Magnetic Resonance Angiography Of Neck With...

This video presents magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) of neck with intravascular contrast agent. This exam helps to solve a difficult clinical question.

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Hippocampal Malrotation - Head MRI

This video presents head MRI in a patient with hippocampal malrotation. Clinical information. 36-year-old female with generalized convulsive epilepsy. According to the statement od the author of the...

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Cystocele - Pelvis MRI

This video presents pelvis mri in a patient with a large cystocele. Clinical information. 61-year-old female. Difficult to defecate with straining. Fecal incontinence. Technique. Multiplanar, multisequence...

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Valsalva Maneuver - Dynamic Neck MRI

This video shows the sagittal midline dynamic MR imaging of the neck in a patient presenting Valsalva maneuver.

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Fracture Compressions L1 With Spondiloarthrosis

bob lubis

In this image you can see fracture compressions L1 with spondiloarthrosis. 

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