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Reinke's Edema of the Left Vocal Fold Treated...

Lipski Samuel

 This video demonstrates Reinke's edema of the left vocal fold treated with laser. 

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Surgical Revision of an Inefficient TORP...

Lipski Samuel

The TORP has been placed a few years before but the patient suddenly lost hearing. We can see on this video that the prosthesis has actually moved. It was successfully replaced with a new one.

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Foreign Body in the Ear

Royal Pearl Hospital

Video presents removal of a foreign body from a child's ear.

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Electrodes in the Outer Ear Canal

Lubica Suchova

Patient 68 years old . In the year 1962 bilateral tympanomastoidectomy /diagnosis – otitis media chronica epitympanica l. ut. /. In the year 2004 cochlear implantation on the right ear- , in the year...

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Giant Osteoma of Ethmoid, Maxilla and Sphenoid...

Royal Pearl Hospital

A very rare case of giant osteoma of all the sinuses is presented. An endoscopic removal was performed.

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CSF Rhinorrhoea

Royal Pearl Hospital

The video presents a difficult case of CSF leak and its endonasal endoscopic closure with the use of bilateral Hadad flaps.

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Epitympanic Cholesteatoma

Araceli de la Guardia

7 years old boy with chronic supurative otitis media and External canal congenital stenosis.

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Pediatric Endoscopic DCR in Postsaccal Obstruction...

Basil Saeed

Five years old female patient with postsaccal obstruction, who underwent endoscopic DCR. This is part 1 of the surgery.

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Pediatric Endoscopic DCR in Postsaccal Obstruction...

Basil Saeed

A five years old female patient who underwent endoscopic DCR for possaccal obstruction. This part 2 of the surgery.

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Larynx with ictericia

Gastroenterology Atlas

A 59 year-old female with ictericia due to hepatic cirrhosis.

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