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Low blood sugar, high risks

Robin Duke

New insulin therapy options are available to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.

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Diabetes Education - 3D Medical Animation

Amerra - Advanced Medical Visualizations

This medical animation is aimed at educating patients about diabetes and the importance of heath factors involved with it.

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Diabetic Foot Gangrene (Forefoot)

abdulhakim altamimi Al-Tamimi

This picture presents diabetic foot gangrene (forefoot).

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Left Hallux Osteomyelitis

abdulhakim altamimi Al-Tamimi

Compare between both Hallux - sizable one indicates osteomyelitis.

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Diabetic foot ulcer - neuropathic -associated...

abdulhakim altamimi Al-Tamimi

Foot x-ray show osteomyelitis in the first metatarsal head.

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